About Gervinex

About Us

At Gervinex we partner with our clients by offering them one of the most innovative IT solutions to help them make their business hassle-free and more sustainable in the current competitive market. Our portfolio extends through various industries ranging from Corporate, Public-sector organizations, while having found a strong foothold in select markets such as Manufacturing and banking. Our team of professionals uses their skills and expertise to resolve complicated IT problems faced by our customers, making use of old yet useful and new technology in hardware, software and services as per the requirement.

The decade long journey has seen Gervinex as an organization excel at various levels, keeping up with our reputation of being customer-centric. Headquartered in Mumbai, Gervinex operates extensively in India providing innovative IT solutions, IT infrastructure management services, server, storage virtualization technologies, facility management services and also computer AMC. When we partner with our clients in addressing their problems, we take full ownership of the project right from the beginning up to the end. In addition, our professionals continue to assist our clients by providing upgrades and ad-ons, so that they do not face any problems catching up with the latest technological advancement.

Networking / Connectivity / Security

Customers are today geographically spread. Remote users needs even more access to the applications. Secure access has never been more important.

Compute / Storage / Virtualization / Cloud

With more and more load getting delivered onto Datacenter resources, a scalable yet secure and elastic architecture is what is desired by enterprises.

DC Optimization

Apart from focusing on the virtual optimization of resources, we are one of the few partners who focus on the physical optimization of resources

End-user Solutions

From the entry-level end-points to the highest-end Rugged end-points, we have solutions that can take care of application access as per customer needs.